Aeolian islands

Unique and fascinating

Aeolian islands

A holiday at the Aeolian Islands cannot be missed for those who want to discover the most beautiful places in Italy. The Seven Sisters, all of volcanic origin, offer attractions and suggestions: they are a small collection of colourful precious gems lying on the intense blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The myth of our active volcanoes, an indispensable milestone in the travels of the world’s most famous volcanologists, was the decisive one, at the time of the unanimous decision taken by all members of the Unesco World Heritage, for the inclusion, in 2000, of the Aeolian archipelago among the sites declared World Heritage.

It is Lipari the largest of the islands: a small treasure chest of great treasures. The island of cultured beauty, an enchanted sea, with the faraglioni guarding the coast in front of Vulcano and the cliffs of a thousand colours peaked in the blue: from the white of pumice to the dark red of basalt, passing to the gold of sulfur.

The cathedral on the fortress and millennia of Nostrum Sea history in the striking Archaeological Museum. On the table, flavours and scents of Sicilian cuisine. If with all this combines the cordiality and the strong sense of hospitality of its inhabitants, it is evident that Lipari offers a truly unique overall scenario.

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