Lipari island

Lipari, isole Eolie

Excursions | what to see

Island tour, to appreciate the greatness and variety of landscapes that Lipari offers, it is recommended to tour the island: a 27 km trail full of beautiful views.

The castle and the Aeolian Archaeological Museum. The Castle is the pillar of the cultural life of the Aeolian Islands, offering a historical itinerary marked by the archaeological excavations, the various pavilions of the Archaeological Museum, from the walls of the sixteenth century, to the architecture of splendid churches from twelfth to seventeenth centuries.

Pumice quarries, in the bay of Porticello there are many pumice quarries, which are no longer active ; the waste of the processing of this particular porous and light stone has formed very fine sandy mountains that reach to the the sea making the colour of the water similar to tropics one.

Canneto, is located along the eastern coast and is the second most populated center of the island, lined with beautiful white sandy beaches.

Forgia Vecchia, a large obsidian runway with huge reddish volcanic masses and is only 30 minutes from Canneto.

Quattrocchi Belvedere (Panoramic viewpoint), in Pianoconte, a wonderful panoramic spot of the Faraglioni and Vulcano.

Puntazze Belvedere (Panoramic viewpoint), in Quattropani, where you can admire the beauties of 5 islands: Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi.

San Salvatore Belvedere (Panoramic viewpoint). Old Navy traffic light rising in front of the Vulcanello peninsula, chosen as the seat of the Lipari Geophysical Observatory. Impressive panorama of Vulcano and Vulcanello, Filicudi and Alicudi.

San Calogero Hot Springs, located at 15 minutes from Pianoconte and built in 1867, they are known since antiquity for their therapeutic virtues; attested by the hyperthermal waters that flow out and are used for baths, muds and the presence of a Roman natural steam cave dating from about 3.500 years ago.

Monte San Angelo, is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Lipari where you can enjoy breathtaking views. You cannot miss the charm of the city center in the evenings, full of shops and enchanting for its wonderful location.


Boat excursions

LIPARI and SALINA: Stops and baths: White Beach, Pollara, Santa Marina, Valle Muria, Grotta degli Angeli (Angels Grotto), Faraglioni, Vinci Beach.

VULCANO: Stops and baths: Faraglioni, Grotta degli Angeli (Angels Grotto), Papa Giovanni (Pope John Paul II), il Faraone (the Pharaoh), Grotta del Cavallo (Horse Grotto), Piscina di Venere (Venus Natural Swimming Pool), Gelso, small fishing village, the village (where you can bath in sulfur waters), la Valle dei Mostri (the Valley of Monsters).

PANAREA and STROMBOLI: Stops and baths: Zimmari Beach, Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Grotta degli innamorati (lovers Grotto), Dattilo, village of Panarea, Basiluzzo, Spinazzola, Porto scari and finally Sciara del Fuoco (Night Stromboli Eruption).

ALICUDI and FILICUDI: Stops and baths: Alicudi port, La Canna, Monte Nasseri, Grotte del Bue Marino (Dugong Grotto), Filicudi Pecorini, Filicudi port, Faraglioni Beach(Vinci).

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