Where to eat in Lipari

Lipari, Eolie, Sicilia


Despite being the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago and urbanistically developed, Lipari maintains unchanged the charm of the unspoiled nature of the islands. Already on arrival the center market and the small fish stalls at the edge of the docks, offer to visitors a preview of island’s products.

Arriving on this wonderful island, the colours, the sea, the scents and the people will surprise you. After spending a morning on the beach, or visiting the historic center, a good break will allow us to taste the typical gastronomic specialties that restaurants offer to tourists.

Shrimps, Squids and Scorpion-fish, Capers, cherry tomatoes and basil are just some of the ingredients of the Aeolian dishes, which are rich in perfume and authentic flavours are skillfully prepared in the famous Filippino Restaurant, in Piazza Mazzini, where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the archipelago.

In the evening, at E’ Pulera with its scented garden of orange blossom and its tables decorated with hand-painted majolica.

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